Future Green Technology Conferences

Perfect Medium for Investment Corporations

For investors looking to find environmentally-friendly projects to fund, International Business Forum (IBF) offers a variety of green technology conferences. These meetings act as the perfect medium for investment corporations and venture capitalists to explore emerging developments in the field of green tech. Here expert financial planners can engage with professional scientists in an effort to get new inventions out to the public.

IBF hosts green technology conferences that have varying themes and audiences. Some provide a general invitation to those working in the field while others focus on specific sectors of industry. IBF works with the Department of Energy, Fortune 500 executives, and spades of other innovators and investors to organize well-planned gatherings. Some conference subjects have included blue-tech, nanotech, semiconductor technology, and how they each intertwine with clean-tech.

Direct Networking Experience

One of the benefits of IBF's conferences is the ability for investors and researchers to come face-to-face and discuss business. This approach eliminates the confusion and red tape often involved in more indirect dealings. At these gatherings, both parties can gain by discussing the specifics of a new technology. Armed with this information, they can quickly and efficiently move their product from the lab to the market.

IBF's green tech conferences have a lot to offer to business owners and scientists. With many high-level presentations and casual networking events, these gatherings will proficiently build professional relationships. You can view details on upcoming meetings below. Additionally, past conference information can also be reviewed. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us today.

Past Green Technology Conferences