Future Healthcare Innovation Conferences

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November 12, 2015 - Las Vegas, NV

Uniting Over 800 Leaders in the Development of Ground-Breaking Ophthalmic Technologies.

Expand Your Knowledge

Expand your knowledge in new healthcare technologies, discover investment opportunities, partner with venture capitalists, and maximize growth potential and value. Listen to speakers and presenters who are leaders in innovative thought, and network across communities that encompass investments, technologies, and healthcare providers.

Our main goal is to present conference attendees with the best possible educational and networking experiences.

Executives, investors, entrepreneurs, physicians, and regulatory reimbursement experts will be brought together to provide strategic perspectives that include moving innovative medical technologies to market, discovering how regulatory restrictions impact new healthcare innovations, overcoming regulatory hurdles and hindrances, utilizing best practices and strategies for working with FDA and CMA, and developing foresight into the growing areas of medical technology.

Engage with leaders in various expanding fields of new medical technologies, and network with clinical and non-clinical researchers, physicians and clinicians, investors, and corporate executives. Investors and corporate business development executives will be brought together with the goal of syndicating investment prospects with promising start-up companies.

Past Healthcare Innovation Conferences