Alexandra Scott
Alexandra Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandra Scott is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of International Business Forum and IBF Conferences, Inc. established in 1989.

Alexandra is recognized as one of the leading organizers of specialized business conferences worldwide, and has been involved in the development of over 300 conferences. These specialized conferences have been focused on asset allocation, investment management, innovation, venture capital, private equity investing and global marketing.

As CEO, Alexandra oversees International Business Forum, a business intelligence group that presents conferences and forums on technology innovation in market sectors, such as clean technology, healthcare, life sciences, global marketing and network/internet technologies. IBF conferences are attended by private equity investors, venture capitalists, innovation & technology officers, CEOs, CFOs, corporate new business development executives/innovation partnering professionals and institutional investors.

Prior to founding IBF with private equity capital, Alexandra was the Executive Vice President of the Institute for International Research. She is highly regarded and recognized by industry peers and received the prestigious NYC Medal of Honor for Service. She is active in her community as a mentor to entrepreneurs. She attended Adelphi University with honors.

To relax in her spare time, Alexandra can be found ballroom dancing or playing the piano.

Email: Alex@ibfconferences.com
Christina Riboldi
Christina Riboldi


Christina Riboldi is President of IBF Conferences, joining the company in 2000 as a Junior Producer eventually leading her through her career as the Executive Producer, Executive Vice President, and finally to her current position as President in 2011.

Christina oversees all aspects of program development, organizational growth, and strategizes with each division to cultivate talent. She is responsible for catalyzing business development and alternative avenues of program concepts, along with engineering processes and procedures to create efficiencies and to impact revenue streams and relationships. Christina oversees a minimum of five conferences per calendar year, focusing on venture capital, corporate venturing & innovation and digital health, including IBF's flagship event, the successful annual Venture Investing Conference.

Christina received her undergraduate degree from the New York State University at Albany.

Christina prefers to spend every minute of her spare time with her loving family, which not only includes an 8 month old child, but a rescue dog as well!

Email: Christina@ibfconferences.com
Craig Simak
Craig Simak

Chief Strategy Officer

Craig Simak is the Chief Strategy Officer for IBF

Craig started his career at IBF in 1998 as a Conference Producer, following five years as a credit analyst with Chase. After 13 years with the company Craig was promoted to the C-Suite, where he strategizes on maximizing the growth and direction of IBF along with the important role of team recruitment, overseeing sales, marketing and the deployment of new conferences and services. He maintains responsibility for researching and identifying business market trends for the development of new conferences and other content channels. Craig’s latest focus is on digital publishing. He is recognized as a strategic thinker and well-respected by his colleagues and peers.

Craig received his undergraduate degree in Communications from Adelphi University, but opted for a real-world higher education in business. In his spare time, Craig can usually be found in the gym or out staying active, and for fun goes to see live local bands.

Email: Craig@ibfconferences.com
Henry J Fiorillo
Henry J Fiorillo

Chief Financial Officer

Henry Fiorillo is the Chief Financial Officer at IBF Conferences. As Chief Financial Officer, Henry is the senior manager responsible for overseeing the financial activities of IBF Conferences.

Henry is responsible for financial planning, monitoring cash flow, analyzing IBF’s financial strengths and weaknesses and tailoring suggestions for improvement. Henry is also responsible for overseeing the accounting and finance departments as well as finalizing IBF’s financial reports.

Henry's career spans 25 years of diverse executive positions, such as Board Director, President, COO, CFO and General Management in a number of diverse industries. These roles have given him the experience to lead businesses from inception to maturity. Henry’s strategy is to develop a team environment at IBF Conferences, and to engage and encourage all team members while creating a culture where members have the ability to experience success.

Henry has earned a Baccalaureate degree in Accounting and an MBA in Management and Leadership from the Townsend School of Business at Dowling College.

Email: Henry@ibfconferences.com
Joanne Carrillo
Joanne Carrillo

Chief Operating Officer

Joanne Carrillo is the Chief Operating Officer at IBF Conferences, joining the company in 2004.

As COO, Joanne is responsible for many important aspects of running the business. She manages all personnel issues, handles the bookkeeping, manages all IT efforts, and supports IBF’s marketing team along with managing the Registration and Marketing software. She is the day-to-day resource for supervising and handling all short-term and routine management activities. She oversees all communications and maintains the team environment and atmosphere at IBF. Working very closely with the rest of the senior management team, Joanne is a critical executive in ensuring the organization is operating smoothly and successfully.

Balancing these responsibilities is an easy task for Joanne. Prior to joining IBF Conferences, Joanne, a Licensed Property & Casualty Broker, held various management and staff training positions at GEICO Insurance and Perot Systems/Robert Plan Insurance.

Joanne holds her degree in Business Administration. To further her education, she studied Accounting at LIU – CW Post.

In her spare time, Joanne enjoys spending time with her husband, their son and the family dog. Joanne attends boot camp three times a week, and loves it! When she can find additional time to relax, she enjoys reading, entertaining and cooking for family and friends.

Email: Joanne@ibfconferences.com
Danielle Pappas
Danielle Pappas

Executive Producer

Danielle Pappas is Executive Producer at IBF Conferences, officially joining the company in January 2011, after a successful internship in 2005. Danielle started her career at IBF Conferences in the marketing department, where she was responsible for spearheading strategic marketing partnerships. Within a few months, she was asked to assist in conference production before moving into her current role.

As Executive Producer, Danielle is responsible for marketing research, program planning and implementation including agenda construction and recruitment of speakers, strategic relationship building and management of on-site logistics. Danielle produces conferences focused on healthcare and innovation, including IBF’s MedTech Investing Conference, Consumer Health and Wellness Innovation Summit and MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum.

Prior to joining IBF Conferences, Danielle was a critical team member at Sperry Federal Credit Union, co-managing all marketing channels including campaign development, interactive marketing, community events, and most notably, assisting in the launch of the credit union’s Electronic Marketing Department.

Danielle earned her BA in Business Communications from the State University of New York at New Paltz and has supplemented that degree by receiving a Marketing Certificate from the prestigious American Management Association (AMA).

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys entertaining and cooking for her family and friends, especially during the football season. She is a diehard NY Giants fan! When football season is over, she enjoys traveling, and has her sights set on visiting Spain and Greece one day soon.

Email: Danielle@ibfconferences.com
Jennifer Russo
Jennifer Russo

Executive Producer

With over 15 years of experience in events, marketing and business development, Jennifer Russo joined the IBF Conference team at the start of 2014 as an Executive Producer.

Jennifer is responsible for the operations and logistical planning of the IBF Conference portfolio. Including; site selection, contract negotiation, vendor selection, budgeting and onsite management. With her latest endeavor in production, her role includes market research, content strategy, speaker recruitment and sponsorship development.

Prior to joining IBF, Jennifer was the Director of Events at United Business Media (UBM) where she managed the InformationWeek live event department. She played an integral role in the pre-sales and event operations process as well as the event marketing strategy. Her responsibilities included the development, growth and execution of the custom event and branded conference portfolio.

Jennifer enjoys most outdoor activities including, biking, swimming, hiking and skiing. She has a passion for health and fitness and is actively involved in sports, an avid runner and a crossfit enthusiast. She also enjoys spending her free-time with her family and friends. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Arizona State University.

Email: Jennifer@ibfconferences.com
Karin Englund
Karin Englund

Marketing Team Leader

Welcomed to IBF Conferences in 2011 as a Marketing Intern, Karin Englund quickly took on a vital role within the marketing team. Joining her innate passion for technology and her proven expertise in discovering the latest market trends, she came on board full-time as Marketing Research Analyst just a few months later.

Given her diverse array of skills, Karin currently leads two major aspects of the company’s operations, which include the research and relationship development initiatives for all conferences, and the analysis of list performance and strategizing of new direction to align with marketplace demand. Paralleling these responsibilities with a variety of daily efforts, Karin also assists with the design and development of all marketing campaigns, conference websites and social media outlets.
Karin graduated summa cum laude from Pace University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising and Promotion. An avid life-long learner, Karin continues to build upon her skillset through strategic research and attending cutting-edge seminars.

In her spare time, Karin enjoys traveling and exploring her new neighborhood in Brooklyn, where she visits many local hangouts that boast a diversity of culture and ethnic foods.

Email: Karin@ibfconferences.com
Tammie Mentzel
Tammie Mentzel

Senior Marketing Associate

Tammie Mentzel is Marketing Coordinator at IBF Conferences, officially joining the company in 2013. She started her career at IBF as a freelance web consultant before transitioning into her current role.

As Senior Marketing Associate, Tammie is responsible for updating and maintaining IBF Conferences’ numerous conference websites. She is a valued member of the marketing team, as her unique mix of web development and writing skills position her well for carrying out her responsibilities, which include website maintenance, marketing initiatives, document design, copywriting and copyediting.

Tammie built her career as a Reading Specialist in Pennsylvania and later began teaching Kindergarten in Hawaii. She then transitioned into WordPress website development and held a position for Stanford Publishing before joining IBF Conferences.

Tammie earned her BA in Elementary Education from the East Carolina University, where she competed as a Division I distance runner and pole-vaulter on the Cross Country and Track teams.

When not in the office, Tammie enjoys spending quality time with her family. She also enjoys anything and everything active, surfing, traveling, and tropical weather.

Email: Tammie@ibfconferences.com
Frank Apicella
Frank Apicella

Web Designer

Frank Apicella is the Web Designer for IBF Conferences, joining the company in 2011.

Frank was hired to manage and design IBF’s corporate website, as well as their multiple conference websites. In addition to designing and maintaining all these websites, he is responsible for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). These efforts are to gain internet visibility and to increase their rank on the web, a very important effort for any successful company. Frank is also responsible for scrubbing the websites of old content and updating with fresh content to keep interest level and readership high for these websites. He remains dedicated to this very important position at IBF.

Web design and maintenance is not easy, but Frank has been trained very well. His past experience of freelancing and working at a media company prior to joining IBF has positioned him well for this role.

Frank earned his degree from Suffolk Community College, and furthers his knowledge by reading books related to web design and SEO.

When not optimizing websites, Frank can be found teaching Sunday school at his church, reading spiritual books and spending quality time with his new bride!

Email: frank@ibfconferences.com
Jackie Wengrod
Jackie Wengrod

Marketing Associate

Jackie Wengrod joined the IBF team in 2014 as a Marketing Associate. Graduating with a degree in marketing, Jackie has a great understanding for what is needed in her new role.

As a Marketing Associate, Jackie is responsible for market research and analysis, as well as compiling and organizing strategy lists to direct the marketing team. She also assists with maintaining the conference websites and mobile applications, as well as lending a hand with social media efforts.

Prior to working at IBF, Jackie was a practicing Real Estate Agent in New York City. Although she enjoyed the industry, her love for marketing brought her back to the field with invigorated goals for professional growth.

In her spare time, Jackie loves discovering new restaurants in NYC, spending time with her family and friends, and reading books from the library.

Email: Jackie@ibfconferences.com

Visual Designer

A multifaceted team member, Mario began as a freelance event videographer, but quickly became centrifugal to all things media here at IBF. Graciously taking on all tasks assigned, IBF noticed his diverse skillset and brought him on as a team member in 2014. As Visual Designer, Mario is responsible for all aspects of graphic design including, event logos, materials and signage for both print and digital use. Mario also travels to each event to film live coverage, relying on years of expertise in cinematography for post-event video production.

In his free time Mario enjoys photography, going to the gym and exploring new local dining experiences.

Email: Mario@ibfconferences.com
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